Get the most out of your internet shopping and avoid problem’s by doing some simple things to protect your money and personal details by carrying out the following steps:

• CHECK SITE SECURITY AND PRIVACY: You can check if a website is secure by checking whether the website address at the top of the page starts with https:// (the ‘s” in https:// tells you the website is secure). Your website browser shows a closed padlock (this means the website is secure).

• USE A SECURE COMPUTER AND SECURE NETWORK: Public computers and public wi-fi networks are not secure.

• RECORD YOUR ONLINE PURCHASES: Keep a record of online purchases, including photos and descriptions of items you buy. Make sure you have received an email confirmation of your purchase before closing the browser. Keep a record of your receipt or other reference numbers. Check your bank account, credit card or any other accounts to make sure you have been charged correctly.

• KNOW YOUR COSTS AND RIGHTS AS A BUYER: Always check details such as postage or delivery fees, packaging or handling charges, local currency costs, including currency conversion fees. If the purchase is from overseas check for things such as import duty or taxes. Some credits cards charge an international transaction fee if you buy products from a company based overseas or the company is based in Australia but processes payments in another country.

• WATCH OUT FOR INTERNET SHOPPING SCAMS: Fake websites or fake products can be used to steal your money, your bank details or your identity. To avoid this, make sure the site does not ask for more personal information than they need, are the prices on the site too good to be true? Can you find more information about the company or products somewhere else?

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