The Migrant Settlement Program supports newly arrived migrants in Mackay and their successful integration into Australian society through individual case management, group information sessions, driver awareness classes as well as advocacy and support. The Migrant Settlement Program supports individuals and families to be independent and active participants within their new Australian communities and provides links to opportunities to achieve settlement goals.

To be eligible for the program, migrants must fall into one of the following categories:

  • A permanent resident who has arrived in the last five years as a humanitarian entrant or family stream migrant with low English proficiency
  • Dependents of skilled migrants with low English proficiency
  • A temporary resident (prospective marriage, provisional spouse, provisional interdependency visa holders and dependents) with low English proficiency
  • A participant in a community that facilitates significant numbers of new arrivals and requires development assistance

The Migrant Settlement Program at The Neighbourhood Hub is about supporting the migrant’s settlement journey and ensuring they are equipped with the tools and information to become valuable contributors to Australia’s culturally diverse society. Whether it is accessing employment, education or volunteer services, understanding the medical system or building social connections, the Migrant Settlement Program will assist.

The Migrant Settlement Program runs Drivers Education sessions to assist new migrants with obtaining their Learner Licence.

Click here for Drivers Education Program Information

For more information please contact Coralie, the Migrant Settlement Worker on (07) 4957 7222.

The Migrant Settlement Program is funded by the Australian Government / Department of Social Services under the Settlement Grants Program.

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