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Multicultural Women’s Club

Multicultural Women’s Club (aka CALD Women’s Club) is a free social club for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women who live in Mackay (Queensland, Australia). The main focus of the club is to provide activities and workshops for all women to connect, support each other and learn new skills. The Club was created at the end of 2018 by The Neighbourhood Hub in partnership with Mackay Women’s Services to empower CALD women, support them to gain new skills and build confidence, and provide access to relevant services.

CLUB VISION: To create a sustainable socially oriented community, where all women can interact, integrate, and empower each other with warmth, consideration, empathy and with no judgement.

• Encourage women to strengthen their potential for growth through building confidence and inter-relationships.
• Empower all women with knowledge, tools and resources which help them integrate with the community.
• Connecting women who are looking for friends and activities to participate in.
• Sharing and learning each other’s culture and traditions without reservation and with respect.
• Support women who are struggling to find their identity in a new environment.

Multicultural Women’s Club always welcomes new participants! We meet every Friday, 10 am – 12 pm at Mackay Women’s Centre, 418 Shakespeare street. And occasionally do outings and excursions. For more information please email or call 07 4957 2626


Safer Pathways for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Women

The aim of The Neighbourhood Hub’s Safer Pathways for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Women Program is to help CALD women living in regional areas that are experiencing, or at risk of, family and domestic violence or sexual assault, to access the support that they need.

Domestic violence is a violation of human rights that is not acceptable in any community or culture. If you are experiencing domestic violence there are services that can help you. If anyone’s life is in danger, especially yours or your children, call the police on Triple zero (000). If you have a hearing or speech impairment contact the Text Emergency Call service on 106 by using a teletypewriter (TTY).


The Australian Government has developed a Family Safety Pack for men and women coming to Australia. It includes information on Australia’s laws regarding domestic and family violence, sexual assault and forced marriage, and a woman’s right to be safe.

The pack includes eight fact sheets on the following topics:

The pack also includes a low literacy storyboard.

Anyone accessing the pack is encouraged to share it with their community, organisation or family.

The Family Safety Pack is translated into the 46 languages below:

For more information please go to


Technology Safety: List of mobile applications

Here is a list of apps to put on your safe phone that can assist. Please think about whether it is right for your situation and safe for you to download and install.

Application Google iTunes
Sunny was developed by 1800RESPECT’s for women with disability who have experienced violence and abuse. Sunny has been co-designed with women with disability.
Daisy is an app made by 1800RESPECT to connect women to support near them. Daisy can link to service phone numbers and websites, which you can access from within the app so they don’t show in browser history. There is also information on what to expect when contacting a service.
Positive Pathways was developed by Zonta House Refuge Association. The App has the façade of a women’s wellness app with Inspirational Quotes, Positive Moments and a Daily Diary which is password protected. You can use it to trigger help to friends/family, record up to five minutes of an incident, provide mental health support to the user, and a dairy to record DV episodes.
PENDA was developed by WLSQ in collaboration with the Financial Rights Legal Centre. The app provides practical financial advice to assist with financial safety planning, information on how to access emergency money, crisis payments and emergency housing. Penda features a number of safety measures
Emergency+ was developed by Australia’s emergency services and their Government and industry partners. The app uses GPS functionality built into smart phones to help a Triple Zero (000) caller provide critical location details required to mobilise emergency services


Safer Pathways program in partnership with Mackay Women’s Services runs Multicultural Women’s Club – a free social group for all women of Mackay to connect, support each other, build confidence and learn new skills. The Club meets every Friday, 10am – 12pm at Mackay Women’s Centre, 418 Shakespeare street.

For more information please call 07 4957 7222 or 0400 788 218 or email


If you would like more information about us, have a suggestion, would like to tell us about a need in your community or connect with a particular community group please give us a call on 4957 2626 or contact us here.